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New Needs Call for New Paradigms

The growing demand for trend data led to the creation of online trend services in the late 1990’s. Soon after, overloaded with information, creatives started to seek direction to follow. Fast forward to 2016, new creatives are looking to be inspired and connected, so that they can chart their own path.
At Fashion Snoops we empower brands and retailers to look past the obvious. Realizing that innovation tracks back to culture, we bring together market-specific information infused with the full scope of cultural trends and lifestyles. These all affect consumer attitudes and the way they make buying decisions.

Our forecasting methodology, which we apply to all of our services, allows for a holistic view of what’s next. It empowers brands and retailers to rise above the ‘sameness’ and inspires them to find a unique voice by fusing global influence and market demands with their specific brand DNA.

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