What Makes Us Unique

It's All Connected, We Show You How.
What conjoins climate change, fashion trends, and the design of your next product?

As social awareness to ice melting and global warming grows, so does the influence on color and texture in products from fashion and beauty to hotel design, electronics, cars, and more. This is just one example of how general cultural shifts and social conversations are affecting consumer preferences and your business today.

You can count on us to connect the dots for you from culture to product and to provide you with insights that are tracked and validated over time.
We continuously identify, track, and validate key cultural shifts so that creatives can see what’s ahead before it becomes obvious. Our knowledge of product development and culture-to-product methodology turns big macro ideas into market-specific direction that one can leverage to create merchandise that sells.
We validate and continuously confirm our forecasts so that creatives have the confidence to push their ideas.
Not only do we hand over our collages, inspiration images and color files, we grant individuals access to the design tools we are using internally. Doing so, we give creatives a head start and the control to transform ideas into products.

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