Our full or half-day workshops provide a powerful way to get your team on the same creative path and help set them in the right direction for innovation.

trend briefs / design workshops

The perfect way to begin a new design season. We start the day with a brief of over-arching cultural shifts and specific trends in your market, next discussing how they affect your business. We later move on to discuss challenges and/or initial plans you have on your radar and provide constructive feedback.

Educational Workshops

Usually geared towards international brands looking for direction on how to develop an on-trend collection. We provide guidance on how to include global trend influence into their localities such that it meets local preferences, fit, and culture.

innovation + creativity boosting seminars

Ongoing cultural shifts are the pathway to product innovation. With these new service paradigms offered for public or private corporate events, our cutting-edge cultural shifts presentations prove to excite any crowd and to spark new ideas in creative teams looking for what's next.

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