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apparel + textile

Trend Forecasting Markets

Tailored guidance for Womenswear (Contemporary & Junior markets), Menswear, Youth, Childrenswear (tween, toddler and infant), Denim, Active, Intimates & Swim.

footwear + accessories

Complete and detailed guidance for all accessory classifications - including jewelry, bags, belts, footwear, scarves, hats and more.

home décor

Dedicated trends that shape the future of design in soft and hard goods, décor, tabletop, lighting and packaging.


A focused view of key products and emerging trends that shape the future of the beauty industry.

consumer products

An inter-disciplinary view of cultural, lifestyle and design trends that inspire the creation of the next generation of products - from toys and cars to food and beyond.


A visually stimulating coverage of Youth encapsulates the lifestyle trends that affect the fashion choices of Millennials.

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