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Similar to the iconic Fireside chats that Franklin D. Roosevelt delivered on the radio from 1933-1944, Fireside Streams is an at home discussion between our FS team and a broad range of characters from the zeitgeist — from macro thinkers and artists, to changemakers and disruptors.

Laura Plumb

Founder and Director of VedaWise

Warren Shoulberg

Home Industry Business Journalist

Kajuyali Tsamani


Jayne Charneski

Consumer Insights Expert, Founder of Front Row Insights Strategy

Shana Lory

Executive Coach and Leadership Facilitator

Dominique Karetsos

CEO & Co-Founder Healthy Pleasure Collective Group

Love is Quarantine

Rance Nix & Thi Lam, Co-Founders of Love is Quarantine

Sharifa Murdock

Co-Owner of Liberty Fairs, Founder of ENVSN Festival

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